5 signs you aren’t a priority in your relationship

If you ever questioned how a partner treats you when you’re not priority to them, right here are five signs to look at out for.

Being in a relationship with a person presupposes the concept which you are crucial of their life, as they have to be in yours. So if you ever get the vibe which you are not prioritized through your accomplice, then you can make certain there may be a trouble somewhere and that the relationship is much less than perfect.

If you have ever wondered how a partner treats you when you’re not priority, here are five signs to watch out for:

  1. Special occasions aren’t so special

Special activities matter. it is no longer about the gift, it is about the effort, and if there may be now not a great deal attempt on the part of your accomplice, it could show which you’re no longer a concern

three matters to never do when you trap a partner cheating play

Do they even remember special ocassions? (BET)


  1. They use you for sex

A real, committed partner is more than a bed warmer.

So if someone prioritizes you, you will be their go-to person when they need to talk, play, when they need an ear to listen, etc, and not just when they need to satisfy their craving for sex.


  1. They don’t make time for you

There’s a big difference between not having time and not making time. People make time for things they care about, no matter how tight their schedule is.

If your partner has time for everything else but you, it speaks volumes about how much he prioritizes you. You’re pretty low on the priority list, by the way.


People always get excited to spend time with their loved ones. If yours looks for ways to avoid spending time with you, then there is a problem (Shutterstock)


  1. Their plans don’t involve you

Obviously, someone who does not create time with you will hardly ever make plans that involve you.

So if their friends and family get all their time, and you get the scraps, you’re probably not close to the top on their list of important people.

Even in their non-immediate plans, you are not there.


  1. You feel like the only one in the relationship

If the whole lot they do make you sense undervalued, below-liked and on my own inside the relationship, this will additionally be a pointer to the concept which you are less than a concern within the dating.

you can be in a dating with him/her, and they are now not in a dating with you. in case you ever experience as though you’ve got already been dumped, despite the fact that you’re nevertheless in a dating, then, glaringly some thing isn’t always proper and desires to be addressed.

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