5 type of relationship that will never end in marriage

It is important to know that not every relationship one goes into would lead to marriage. Most relationships would just fizzle out on the surface, why some would last for a while then comes to an end, with some even lasting a pretty long time but still won’t result in marriage.

Most times, you might want to get married to your partner, but your partner wouldn’t want to get married to you and that’s another harsh reality. So, how do you know your relationship wouldn’t lead to marriage? What kind of relationships doesn’t lead to marriage?


  1. Desperation Relationship

This kind of relationship is type in which one partner is highly desperate for marriage. Such relationship might never lead to marriage because desperation isn’t a good quality. Being desperate would throw you in a bad light, show your many flaws and could even make your partner feel edgy about getting married to you. Lots of desperate ladies end up not marrying their man.


  1. The Sex Only Relationship

Lots of relationships out there can be referred to as the ‘sex only’ kind of relationship. In such a relationship, sex is the long-term and short-term goal of the relationship. A relationship that’s built solely around sex might never lead to marriage


  1. Experimental Relationship

Relationships that keep going back and forth is experimental relationships. Any relationship without stability might never lead to marriage; if all you and your partner do is break up today and make-up the next day then it shows a sign of incompatibility or that you haven’t found solutions to your relationship problems. If such a relationship leads to marriage, it wouldn’t fare any better.


  1. Living Together Without Future Goals

The fact that you are living together with your man is no guarantee that such cohabitation would lead to marriage. If there is no marriage in sight, or talks about it, or at least talks about the future or each other’s long-term goals then you might cohabit for a long time, and it would only end there.


  1. Validation Relationship

This is the kind of relationship where one of the partners seeks other people’s responses and validation before approving to anything. Such a relationship has the feeling of insecurity around it and might never lead to marriage.

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