7 lies that makes ladies fall into premarital sex

Ladies who were naive or easy to be influenced had fallen into the deception of cunning men whose aim is to have premarital sex with them. Today, some of them don’t learn from the mistake some made in the past and yet one still fall a victim of premarital sex. Early sex can also lead to medical problems later in life. Cancer of the uterus is more prevalent in women who began sexual relationships early in life. There is also a high rate of venereal diseases associated with early sex.

If you are a young teenager thinking about getting involved in a sexual relationship, you have some important thinking to do before making a major decision. You would be wise to discuss this with parents, counsellors, clergy, teachers or physicians, anyone you trust and respect.

If you decide to proceed, find out all you can about disease prevention and learn about birth control, whether you are a boy or girl. Using condoms and spermicidal jellies and creams, you can help prevent unwanted pregnancy and the transmission of some forms of venereal disease.

Truth doesn’t make you fall, it keeps you standing provided you’re firmly rooted in it but lies will make you fall and you may not be able to recover from the consequences of the fall.

The best way to escape lies is to know the truth and discard the lies immediately you discover that it doesn’t correlate with the truth. A second thought on lies will convince you into the act just as it did to Eve

And mind you, lies can be sponsored by men or women and their sole intention is to deceive you if you’re ignorant.

Do you know the popular lies that some ladies were told just to get them in bed?

  1. Your breast won’t grow more than this if you don’t have sex

For ladies who are not fortunate to have it big in their chest region, they suffer lots of intimidation from their girlfriends or boyfriends. You will be told that you need guys to help you press or massage it so that it would be bigger.

Is this medically or scriptural, right? Never! How will a man fondle your breast and would one day not have sex with you?

Biologically, when a woman is lactating, her mammalian gland increases and the size of the breast increases to accommodate the production of milk for the baby. But if you allow this lie to lead you into what you’re not prepared for. Don’t let a guy or man lure you with this lie. Be watchful and careful.

  1. You won’t know what it takes to feel like a woman

What made you think it’s sex that would make you feel like a woman? Having two breasts, a vagina, a womb and the ability to menstruate as at when due to the accompanying challenges doesn’t make you less of a woman.

If you believe that sex would give you that womanly feeling, you want them to make you have a feel of bondage.

What gives a woman her womanly feeling is in her femininity, her ability to multitask, her understanding of her role in the life a man and that she’s made to complement a man, not the otherwise; her indispensability, her ability to nurture seeds, not just sperm but everything that has the capacity to multiply. These and many more ought to give a woman that womanly feeling, not sex, sex and sex.

  1. No guy/man is interested in marrying ladies who are virgins

Yes, there are many guys who are disinterested in marrying virgins because they themselves are not one and have believed that virgins aren’t good in bed because of their in-exposure. But the truth is that real men out there are so desirous of marrying one (virgins) if they’re privileged to get one.

If you buy into this lie, you’ll get more than being dis-flowered. You’ll be exposed to the world of immoralities and your first-time encounter with sex, either leave you satisfied or dissatisfied.

If you enjoy it before marriage, you’ll become an Oliver Twist if you do not conquer the urge. And if you are dissatisfied, it’ll be a problem for you in marriage because the innocent man will have to do more to make you satisfied.

  1. What’s the point of keeping it all these years when you’re still single

You might be in your late twenties or mid-thirties and you’re still a virgin and the pressure to be married is much. There would be internal voices of deception that would want you to sell off your virginity for that which is not.

It’s better to lose your virginity for the right reason, for the right person and in the right environment.

Honestly, I know how hard it is for you to have kept yourself away from men. Don’t give up! Just get a little more courage and hold onto God, He’ll favour you soon provided you’re doing His will.

  1. Virgins don’t enjoy sex in marriage unless…

Who says that?

The best, exciting, adventurous and guiltless sex is obtained when two virgins engage in marital sex and they patiently enjoyed themselves during and after the act.

Why some virgins don’t enjoy sex is because of their fears about sex or their partner’s unwillingness in helping them to achieve orgasm before penetration.

Conquer your fears. Talk things out if you are engaged to be married. A real man won’t ride his wife rough, he’ll make love and not rape her.

If you allow them to break your hymen before marriage, your heart will be broken, your wall of defense will equally break and you’ll be exposed to lots of issues about sexual immoralities or looseness.

  1. Sex makes you look fresh, chubby, happy and beautiful

This is is a lie, although many ladies fall for this out there when they are been told by her friends that sex makes one look fresh, chubby, happy and beautiful.

See, if you eat well, exercise properly and keep the right mindset about life, you will be glowing and dazzling in your natural beauty.

Although this may be true for a married couple because they are no more one but two as a single lady, get a life and be serious with God and your destiny. If you loiter around NFA friends, they’ll feed you with junks that will put your life in a mess.

  1. If you don’t get pregnant for me, I can’t marry you

“How will I know that you’d be fertile in marriage? I can’t take the risk of marrying you without testing your fertility”. He brags about an undefeated champion. Many ladies would be confused at this junction or be seeking for a validating advice.

See, I don’t care if he will marry you for real, any man that uses sex to get you into marrying him is a fornicator and your acceptance of his offer makes you a fornicator.


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