Chaos breaks out in Indiana Temple as 150 riots

According to report chaos at a Sikh temple in Greenwood, south of Indianapolis, Indiana which involved about 150 people has left four injured. Report by IndyStar said that the chaos broke out on a Sunday afternoon, April 15  when there was an uncontrolled division about how the temple should be run.

Greenwood Assistant Police Chief, Matthew Fillenwarth accounting the incidence, told reporterd that the riot occured during a service to mark a change of leadership within the temple, which always happen every two years.

Earlier, there was a  false report that people involved in the Chaos stabbed themselves. Though, the temple made use of ceremonial knives for their service, but there are no report of any victim of stab injury following the brawl, reports WISH-TV.

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Four persons have been admitted to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Gurpreet Sing, a victim among the four said to be a member of the Temple said that his injury was just “bruises and minor cuts.”

Someone has earlier reported finding pepper spray in a garbage can around the temple, but police said they could not yet confirm if any pepper spray was used during the disorder. Gurpreet Sing disclosed that there had been disagreement among members on how the temple should run only for it to all boil out on Sunday afternoon.

Report reveals that the disagreement erupted to chaos when the outgoing leadership was told to hand-over collected donations to the newly appointed leaders. The refusal of the outgoing leaders to do so despite an internal election has been done, prompted members to  drag the outgoing president out of the building.

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Police said for their investigation, a review will be carried out on the temple’s surveillance video, Also interviews will be done for those involved in the chaos including the four victims of minor injuries. so far, police had not made any arrest.



  1. Asa


    Why is there so much religion yet there is so little love,
    so you can understand this question asking why??????

  2. Prof Agbabiaka


    Politics is everywhere, especially when money is involve. That’s the corrupted soul of man in action

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