Congo dismisses 256 judges for not having law degrees

About 250 judges have been reported sacked as a result of not having a law degree and many allegations of corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo

On Monday, Joseph Kabila the president of Congo has dismissed individuals who do not fulfill the conditions to function as magistrates.

According to Justice Minister Alexis Thambwe Mwamba of Congo speaking on national TV, “Joseph Kabila has sanctioned more than 200 individuals who were unable to meet up to the country’s standard of serving as a magistrate”

Local news service reported that “a total of 256 were either suspended or sacked, two others resigned while another was put on retirement.”

The growing country accounts for about 4,000 magistrates.

“One cannot enter the judiciary with the objective of making money,” Mwamba said, describing the targeted individuals as “adventurers” who entered the judiciary without a law degree or others who took bribes to deliver a favorable ruling.

“It is evident that there are other magistrates who escaped this dragnet,” he said, adding that a law would be introduced to raise the bar for aspiring magistrates.

According to news report, this is the first time judges have been sacked in the mineral-rich  African country.

In 2009, former president, Mr. Kabila sacked 96 judges accused of corruption.

Mwamba also rapped the slow judicial system and said arrests and detentions were used as “an instrument of intimidation and terror against the accused to strip them of their assets”.

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