Creator of chain SMS ‘forward this to 10 people otherwise something bad will happen to you’ gets hit by a bus

The creator of the famous chain SMS series which threatens people if they don’t forward it to 10 people or more, something bad will happen to them gets hit by a bus while sending his last SMS.

The incident happened in Delhi when a man named Sunoji Sharma who has helped telecom companies make crores of rupees by threatening people in the name of fate, Matarani, Gadda of Hanumanji, Shaktiman, Maggi, Alok Nath, Arvind Kejriwal, Voldemort, was walking on 404 street while developing his latest SMS ‘Forward it to 10 people otherwise you will end up doing B-Tech’, lost his concentration on the road and got hit by a DTC bus.

When Faking News caught up with the friend of Sunoji Sharma, he said “Sunoji was a firm believer in his own invention. The reason such a bad thing happened to such a noble person is that Sunoji had recently got an SMS ‘forward it to 1101 people if you break the chain you will get hit by a public transport vehicle’, and he got tired doing it so he resorted to sending the B-Tech SMS and you know the rest.”

According to our classified sources who are buddies with the real journalists, apparently the DTC bus driver himself was sending the SMS ‘Jitender Tomar’s degree is original and not from IIN, forward it to 10 people otherwise you will have bad luck for the rest of your life” but before he could press the send button he ended up hitting Sunoji Sharma.

Sunoji Sharma has gone into coma and doctors are saying it could take years for him to come out of it but IIN doctors are refuting such observations and claiming they could get Sunoji Sharma out of coma in minutes if given a chance.

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