Facebook users choose to make their data available -Zuckerberg defends

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday Facebook’s business model against criticism of how it feeds user data to advertisers, even as he conceded his very own data had been leaked to outside companies.

Zuckerberg addressing tough questioning in a second day of high-stakes hearings in Congress, the 33-year-old conceded that regulation of social media companies — under mounting scrutiny over the misuse of user data — is “inevitable.”

Yet, he solidly protected Facebook’s utilization of the information and postings of the 2.2 billion users of its free platform — so as to draw in the advertisement income that the $480bn company relies upon.

Speaking in the wake of a scandal over the massive leak of data to a British political consultant, Zuckerberg repeated that the organization had closed down the pipeline that permitted such data, including his own, to slip into the hands of third parties.

A day earlier, Zuckerberg said he assumed individual liability for the disgraceful utilization of 87 million individuals’ personal data by Cambridge Analytica, which worked for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

However in his declaration to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, he was additionally steadfast in arguing that Facebook’s users themselves are choosing to make their information accessible, and that the organization’s “opt-in” arrangements were sufficient to secure their protection rights.

“Every time that a person chooses to share something on Facebook, they’re proactively going to the service and choosing that they want to share a photo, write a message to someone.”

“Every time there is a control right there,” Zuckerberg said

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