FG to create ranches in some states

A few days ago, it was gathered that the Federal Government’s decision to create ranches in some states was already causing confusion among those concerned.

While I don’t have anything against the Federal Government’s decision to create ranches in some states, I am worried about the discord and possible bloodshed that this proposition is likely to cause.

I wonder if the government properly thought out this move because the same government admitted that the nation loses lives and billions of naira yearly to herdsmen and farmers’ conflicts. Instead of this obnoxious project, the government needs to find a lasting solution to the problem.

The fact that the government is taking state-owned land against the wishes of some state governments is tyranny. Don’t they know that there is something called order? Or are governors just figureheads?

I can’t help but fear for Nigeria because it seems that citizens don’t have a say and the government can do whatever it wants, even if we, at the receiving end, refuse it.

If the country is restructured, every state would be able to develop at its pace. Also, the security of lives and property will be better managed.

As a concerned Nigerian youth, my stand is that the Federal Government should better think through this decision and its implication instead of frittering away scarce resources.

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