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How to : Give your iPhone texts some privacy

We all have those conversations we do not want people stumbling on when they happen to come in contact with our phones. If you use an iPhone, here are some iOS tips that can help you keep your conversations private. Remove Lock Screen Alerts Chances are that you already have a lock screen, touch ID […]

Are you the type who doesn’t like people touching your phone so as not to have to access your message?Here are some tips for all iPhone users to make your conversations private.

  1. Remove Lock Screen Alerts

You would need to turn off lock screen notifications for when messages come in. This way, no one will accidentally see the messages you’ve sent.

  1. Automatically Delete Old Messages

You can do this by going to the message history area of your message settings. You can select the duration of time you want to keep messages—30 days to 1 year—and this way you don’t have to worry about people reading old texts.

  1. Text From Your iPhone Exclusively

This is for people who have multiple devices connected to their iMessage account. You can turn off Text Message Forwarding in your message settings so messages come into your iPhone alone. This way you don’t have to worry about someone picking up your iPad to read messages.

  1. Filter Texts From Unknown Senders

If you don’t want text notifications from unknown numbers, you can turn on Filter Unknown Senders in your message settings. This way you stop getting random texts pop up as notifications.

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