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Google might add ‘self destructing’ features in new Gmail update

  •  A new report says Google is adding new self-destructing email features in Gmail.
  • The new “Confidential mode” will reportedly let users set their emails to expire after one week, one month, or other time periods.
  • Gmail users can also make recipients type in a passcode to open emails.

Google is working on a brand new design for the web version of Gmail. Google comes with an interesting new feature in the new Gmail. You’ll soon be able to send expiring emails.

Running on an electronic mail carrier is difficult as you have to be well suited with all sorts of e-mail carriers and electronic mail clients. however it doesn’t appear to be stopping Google as the business enterprise is now evolving past the simple POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols.

Primarily based on those screenshots, expiring emails paintings quite just like expiring emails in ProtonMail. After a while, the email turns into unreadable.

Inside the compose display, there’s a tiny lock icon called “Confidential mode”. It says that the recipient received’t be capable of forward e mail content material, copy and paste, download or print the email.

You could configure the expiration date so that your e mail disappears after 1 week, 1 month, more than one years, and so on. you could additionally ask your recipient to affirm their identity with a passcode sent via textual content message. This seems like a amazing manner to companion e mail addresses with cellphone numbers and improve Google’s advertisements. (update: a Google spokesperson reminded us that Google stopped scanning Gmail for advert personalization last year.)

When our tipster clicked on “learn more”, it opened Google’s help articles but the page became not located. The feature isn’t equipped for high time just yet.

On the recipient’s aspect, the man or woman become using the existing model of Gmail and acquired a hyperlink to view the private e mail. The recipient needed to log into their Google account once more to view the content.

While viewing the exclusive message, copy and paste as well as the print function have been disabled — it didn’t forestall our tipster from taking a screenshot of the e-mail though.

It’s unclear if this feature is going to be compatible with non-Gmail users as the company asks you to confirm your Google account to view the confidential message. It’s also unclear if the integration is going to work better in the future when everybody is using the new Gmail.

For instance, when a ProtonMail user sends an expiring message to another ProtonMail user, it looks like a regular email in the inbox. After the message expires, it is automatically deleted from the inbox and the sender’s outbox.

In Gmail’s current implementation, it sounds like Google simply generates an email with a link. The message behind the link disappears after a while, but not necessarily the intermediate email.

It’s also worth noting that Google doesn’t mention end-to-end encryption anywhere. A “confidential” message doesn’t have to be encrypted. It’s likely that Google could still see the content of that message and comply with warrants. Once again, Google said that the new Gmail is going to come out in a few weeks. Confidential emails could be released at the same time or at a later date.

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