Mob lynches and burn suspected thieves in Mexico

A rural Mexico mob lynched three suspected thieves and piled their bodies to burn them after they were caught mugging an old man, authorities in Puebla state said Thursday.

The brutal execution occurred late Wednesday in the rural community of Miravelles, central Mexico, after the attackers — two men and a woman — tried to escape incensed locals by shooting at them. They didn’t get far before being captured.

“The inhabitants were acting very aggressively,” a police report said, adding they prevented authorities from accessing the town.

Officers later found the three seriously burned bodies piled up.

“The locals dispersed, abandoning the three bodies, which were found with hands tied and no vital signs,” the report added.

In Puebla, the lynching of suspected criminals is commonplace, with some cases involving innocent people.

In April, an electoral official was lynched and burned in the rural town of Tlacotepec, after locals accused him of taking part in a robbery.

Meanwhile, in 2015, two other officials were burned in Ajalpan after they were mistaken for child kidnappers.

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