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Samsung to pay Apple half a billion dollars

Tech giants, Samsung has been ordered by a jury of a federal court to pay a whopping sum of $533 million to Apple for copying the design features of iPhone.

The juror added another $5 million in damage for another patent infringement which Apple had argued that it belongs to it iPhone model.

The case which could be dated back to about seven years might be a step in victory process for Apple.

Though, the case had been transferred by the Supreme Court to a District Court to follow an earlier $400 million damage award. The Jury arrived at the stated damage by splitting the difference between the $1 billion by Apple and Samsung’s $28 million dollar argument.

The arrival of such amount by the jury would have meant that they bought into Apple’s argument of claiming the design was a fundamental plan of the iPhone than an “article of manufacture”.

However, Samsung reached it figure by treating the design feature as components.

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