Whatsapp under protecting Users data

A private watchdog – Electronic Frontier Foundation just concluded in scoring some major companies in the way it handles it users data.

WhatsApp missed out on the ovation because of it inability to protect its users from government request as stressed by an advocacy group.

According to Who Has Your Back? Annual report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, WhatsApp could just scramble one out of four stars when it was evaluated with respect to concerning users data protection in all categories. the EFF further stated WhatsApp has not been transparent in reports it published from government request, it doesn’t give users notice of submission of data as requested by government, thou whatsapp opposes backdoor policies of of gathering data.

Other tech companies such as Adobe, Dropbox, WordPress and Yahoo received a five out of five rating from the EFF (unlike most of the companies, WhatsApp was only evaluated in four categories). The EFF’s evaluation reports suggests these firms are transparent with the users about there interaction with the government.

Among the major cable, phone and Internet providers, AT&T performed the worst, netting just one star out of four., an Internet Service Provider in the San Francisco bay area, earned five out of five stars.

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