Why do ladies ask guys hand in a relationship

Recently, I was fortune to stumble on a Whatsapp group called Relationship Builders Community. I’ve been in that group for about 3 years and I always make contributions when I felt I need to make clarifications about a particular discussion.

However, countless topics have been treated and I’ve also learned a lot about relationship as a whole which includes friendship, marriage, and courtship. Interestingly, we also engage in discussions about “sex” and other related matters.

Someone asked a question in the group during a discourse, but the question took hostage of everyone in the group. In nothing less than 2 minutes interactions began. And this was the question, “Why do ladies ask guys hand in a relationship”.

Well, everyone participated even than I expected. The dating world is changing as more apps that help people connect come online, but the fundamental rules of courtship appear to remain constant.

As the question came in, someone replied by saying “Abomination”, I was waiting patiently for other people’s contribution which eventually came afterward

“Well to my own opinion, it’s not that bad and I also call it sharing of feelings if truly a lady needs the guy in her relationship” – Ayanfe.

“Ladies and guys are not meant for a relationship, relationship is meant for the mature ones” – Shalom

“I don’t really see anything wrong in a lady asking a guy out!! Some ladies can’t actually wait for the guy to come, so they secure their feelings by making the move instead of waiting and eventually seeing the guy for another ladies. Ladies like that should be appreciated.” – Creative Links

“She thinks she really needs to act fast before someone else will grab the guy!” – Intellect

“Well I think there is nothing wrong in ladies asking guys out just that some guys are not mature enough to perfect such situation thereby making the lady look cheap” – His Excellency

The above statements were made by the group members during the discussion. I also came up with my own point by stating that “There is nothing awkward if a lady asks a guy out in a relationship, ladies are endowed with insights that are blind in men’s heart”

Mind you, if a lady asks a guy hands in a relationship. She didn’t just ask because of the love alone. She sees virtue in you and she values what you’ve got.

Suggestions kept rolling in and out of the group until it got to the late hours of the night.

You can make use of the comment section if you have opinions too. Kindly share with us.

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